Sunday, January 18, 2009

Airport Socklets

In airports I hate walking about with nothing on my feet. So I found some washable wool in my yarn stash and knit up some fetching socklets to keep my feet warm and clean. These are knit from the toes up, with no heels to turn. End by joining with a 3-needle bindoff at the heels. Fair Isle patterning adds a bit of extra padding on soles as well as visual interest.

As the instructions are brief, they are meant for knitters witha bit of experience.


sport weight yarn, any two colors (A and B) I used Lion Brand WoolEase Sportweight, in black and natural.
DPNs size U.S. #4 or #5
Optional: stitch marker
Crochet hook F (for finished edging)

Using color A, CO 12 stitches, using any provisional method (I used a loose backward e cast-on)
K 1 row
P 1 row
K 1 row
Insert third needle into the loose CO stitches. From here the sock will be knit in the round. Introduce more dpns in the rounds as you wish.
Round 1 - * K1, inc 1 on 2nd st, k8, inc 1 in next st, k1 * (repeat to complete the round)
Round 2 - K all sts
Repeat these 2 rounds until sock toe has 36 sts total (or any multiple of 8).
Continue in stockinette st for about one inch, then begin colorwork.
Pattern A: K4 in color A, k4 in color B (repeat around) for 4 or 5 rounds.
Continue in stockinette in color B for a few rounds.
Pattern B: K2 in A, K2 in B (repeat to end of round) for 2 rounds;
K2 in B, K2 in A (repeat to end of round) for 2 rounds;
K2 in A, K2 in B (repeat to end of round) for 2 rounds.
Continue in stockinette for 4 or 5 rounds.
Begin top opening. Determine center of top (instep); mark with st marker if you wish.
K to within 4 sts of marker, bind off 8 sts, continue round to first BO st.
From here on, knit back and forth in rows, not rounds. Introduce more patterning, to add padding to the sock sole.
Birds-Eye pattern:
Row 1: K3 in B, K1 in A (repeat across)
Rows 2-4: K across in B.
Heel Shaping: When knitting reaches about 2 inches from heel (stretching the knitting a bit), inc 1 st at beginning and end of a row (2 inc total), knit even next row, 2 more inc in next row, knit even to heel.
End by dividing sts evenly on 2 DPNs, then use 3-needle bind-off.
Work in any loose ends. Crochet 1 round of sc around foot opening.
Make second socklet.

Pattern by Karen T Morris


Laura said...

I love these and am going to try to make a pair!

K. Morris said...

Thank you Laura! email if you have any questions.... I have not had anyone proofread these instructions :)

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